The below site plans outlines the proposals for Devonshire Gardens.
Please scroll down for further information on the specific areas.
Public Park: A new public park for the local community, with accessible, open and inclusive areas. The space, which will be more than half the site, will be interactive with community activities such as edible planting. A varied planting design is planned for the space, incorporating fruit trees and other edible plans, with the planting designed to support the addition of new habitats such as bird boxes and insect hotels.

The park will be accessible via a number of entrances served by improved pedestrian routes. We will be creating an additional path for pedestrians that runs through our site, between the trees and the new buildings forming our development which front Devonshire Road.
Active travel: Exemplar cycling facilities, which will be targeting a Cycle Heart Rating. We will be encouraging cycling as the primary form of travel for the scheme, with the provision of 604 cycle spaces, including 427 commercial and 177 residential.

The scheme is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Chisholm Trail and goes further to provide land to accommodate a section of the Trail. Furthermore the Cycle Hub is designed to welcome cyclists from either the desired route of the Trail on the eastern boundary or from Devonshire Road on the west.
Cycle Heart Rating
Five at Heart
Flexible workspaces: c. 120,000 sq ft GIA of flexible workspace is proposed across two distinctive buildings with an ‘industrial’ design aesthetic and which will exceed conventional environmental standards.

These two buildings will connect at ground floor with a consolidated Cycle Hub that can welcome cyclists from both directions, as well as outstanding shower & changing facilities.

‘Studio South’ is more suited to established businesses, while ‘Studio North’ offers more boutique workspace more appropriate for start-ups and SMEs.
Build-to-rent homes: This mixed-use site for the people of Cambridge will deliver 100 homes for rent. Whilst the number of proposed homes have been reduced over the course of our engagement with planning officers, the amount of affordable remains at 20% affordable, in line with local policy.
All of these homes will remain under the long-term ownership of Railpen as a professional landlord. There will be comprehensive maintenance, security and upkeep of not only the buildings, but also the public park. There will be no difference in terms of quality, access or location of affordable homes, ensuring a cohesive community.
Whilst these proposals have been shaped by feedback from the local community, we continue to welcome feedback via
Our application has now been submitted to Cambridge City Council who will carry out their own consultation on the proposals.